Safari Clipper: Tabbing to autocomplete tags reselects tags

EDIT: I notice now that does what I expected to do. Is the Tab functionality therefore by design? If so, this may make the entire post below moot, though I’m unsure what is gained by Tab functioning as it does in the current build.

I noticed today while using he DTP Safari clipper that tabbing to complete a keyword (e.g. I type “Afr” and “Africa” is offered as an intelligent auto-completion) reselects all tags. Because of this behavior, I cannot quickly tab through tags without overwritig prior tags. Example:

  1. Clip webpage
  2. Type “Afr”
  3. Press Tab to autocomplete to “Africa”
  4. "Africa tag now highlighted
    5a. Type “Ug” for “Uganda”
    5b. “Africa” tag deleted and overwritten with “Ug.”

Using tab, i is impossible to enter multiple tags quickly without pressing “right arrow” (or some other method of deselecting the tag just used). Based on other programs I’ve used, pressing Tab should (1) autocomplete and (2) place the cursor at the end of the just entered tag so the next tag can be entered. In other words, to tag a file as both “Africa” and “Uganda,” I could type the following sequence:

Afr Ug <TAB

rather than

Afr Ug

Using th first keystroke, I would only succeed in tagging the webage as “Uganda,” when it should tag both.

This is perhaps a minor issue (with a clear workaround), but I wanted to point it ou, as I have a hard time thinking this is not a bug.