Safari Desktop extension Twitter import bugs

  1. Log in to Twitter, find a thread I’d like to import
  2. Clip to DT with Safari extension

With the following options, these errors occur:

  • Choose Web Archive --> web archive file is formatted badly
  • Choose Web Archive Clutter-Free --> web archive is blank
  • Choose Markdown (either flavour) --> imports a blank webarchive

Our declutter & Markdown server doesn’t support sites requiring a login.

Ah, I didn’t realize this ran on an external server. Good to know… is there a privacy policy for that server somewhere? I work as a documentary filmmaker and need to be privacy-compliant with documents I’d be converting.

Is there any way to run the markdown conversion on-device? That would be much better from a privacy perspective

Only public online resources can be clipped as Markdown or as decluttered documents, therefore this shouldn’t affect anything sensitive.

Yes, we have a privacy policy that covers also our decluttering service: