Safari - Devonthink Clipping Extension - Disable Shortcuts/Hotkeys


how to disable or change the keyboard-shortcuts/hotkey for the safari clipping extension of Devonthink?

For example, it opens up when I click [cmd]+[shift]+[c] to clip the current page. But I don’t want that, this is my regular element-inspection shortcut of the web-developer-console.

I’ve looked into the services of the keyboard shortcuts in the system-settings and disabled and also removed all shortcuts for Devonthink.

But still the clipping extension getting triggered.

Welcome @Sascha

Have you checked DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sorter > Clip to DEVONthink hotkey ?

Yes, no hotkeys in there:

It looks like this is coded into the extension itself. Development will have to look into this.
In the meantime, you can click the Clip to DEVONthink button in Safari’s toolbar or set a separate hotkey in the Sorter preferences.

Okay, I will turn the extension off until this will be fixed.


You’re welcome.