Safari -> DTTG with Bear, ad free, with working links

A recent update of Bear on iOS improved Bear’s share extension to capture a web page’s content in Bear. The capture is “clutter-free” text in Markdown format. YMMV – how well this works depends on the site you’re clipping from. If you have the paid premium version of Bear, you can then send that to DTTG as a PDF (or Markdown, or text). If it’s a PDF you send, the links are active. The common way of sending PDFs to DTTG using iOS print does not preserve links.

So, this is an alternative. Multi-step (which many readers hate to do) and not free (ditto), but if you’re using Bear anyway then it’s an option.

Just as a side note: DEVONthink To Go 2.1.3 will come with a new, server-based Markdownifier replacing the service we’ve used previously as well as the now-defunct Instapaper public API.

PDF, the links are active? Now that got my attention!

In Bear on iOS I export to PDF which changes the view as a PDF file. I tap the share icon and choose Clip To DEVONthink and choose the database. The PDF does show up in DTTG but the links are not active. I even tried sending the PDF from Bear to PDF Expert with the same result.

I just tried the Import to DEVONthink and got the same result. Repeating the whole process by exporting to MD in Bear and importing to DTTG does maintain links.

Korm, am I choosing the wrong process to get a PDF from Bear/iOS to DTTG while maintaining links in the PDF? As it is, this is behaving like using print to get a PDF.

@pvonk – my steps are 1) select the Bear extension from the Safari share sheet; 2) choose the “Web Page Content” option in the Bear extension; 3) in Bear, press the “i” icon and choose PDF (only available with a premium account); 4) a PDF preview will open and choose “Import with DEVONthink” from the share sheet there.

I’ve had a few link failures, too, and it seems that how Bear handles links in PDFs is dependent on the original site from which it clipped the web page content. I’m just guessing. :confused:

I know that I’ve had good success with PDFs, but not perfect, and no failure with exporting from Bear to DTTG in Markdown, Rich Text, or HTML formats. YMMV.

Thanks, korm, it works. I was using a different work flow.