Safari Extension Clip to DEVONThink removed from Toolbar in rev 13.0.5?

Under Safari rev 13.0.4 I could drag the clip to DEVONThink extension icon to the Safari Toolbar so it was easy to access.

Under Safari 13.0.5 that feature has been removed.

Under both version I had the Clip To DEVONThink extension installed and enabled.

How do I get the clipper back into my toolbar?

Did you try disabling it in Safari’s Preferences > Extensions?

(Note: There seems to be a bug in Safari’s preferences, so you may need to disable, close the prefs, reopen them, then enable the extension.)

I had tried that but it didn’t work. So I tried again, disabled it, restarted Safari and then reenabled and it’s back.

More buggy fun in macOS. :slight_smile: