Safari extension disappears after updating to 3.7

I still see Clip to DEVONthink enabled in Preferences > Extensions.

But I had to move it back to my toolbar… perhaps a security measure?

Had a similar issue with the Safari extension. After updating DEVONthink, the extension icon disappeared from the Safari toolbar and the extension preference list.

After restarting both Safari and DEVONthink, the icon reappeared. All is well now.

Probably an effect of the application files changing during the update, and Safari not catching up.

Indeed :slight_smile:

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And thanks for the update!

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Most of the thanks really go to @cgrunenberg and @aedwards but I’ll take my little share too. :wink:


Clip to DEVONthink disappears/appears randomly on

DEVONthink 3.7.2
macOS 10.14.6

Strange that other users have already seen this in April, I’ve never seen this before, it just started in the last days. Rebooting didn’t fix it.

I reinstalled DEVONthink, didn’t fix it. @aedwards any idea?

Is it visible in Safari’s Preferences > Extensions, @pete31?

It was for me; just had to retick its box…

And/or put it back where it belongs via View > Customize Toolbar.

Sure it’s in the preferences and ticked. And it’s sometimes visible in the toolbar.

PS I didn’t forget your thread but first have to try some things.
PPS Welcome to the Script Debugger forum :slight_smile:

Thanks x 2, Pete :slight_smile: !

The only almost extinguished glimmer of non-nonsense I can offer re Extensions is the fact that 1Password’s rarely works after an update until I restart the whole machine. Which makes me think there may be some sort of conflict. Good luck…

mksBelper Thanks for the help.
I experiences the title of the document disappearing when I used the web clipper after the update. I followed a version of your retick its box (untick/tick) and I’m good.

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Is it just the icon that is not displayed, is there still a space where the icon would normally be displayed?

Yes, the shortcut works.

No, when it disappears the other icons fill the space

In DEVONthink could you selected the Help menu then press the Option key, select the menu option “Report a bug”. Mark the email for attention of Alan and I will check the log files to see if there is an error.


Thanks for the log files, I have found what I believe to be the cause and will add a fix for the next update.



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