Safari extension has disappeared

Running DEVONthink 3. My Safari extension is gone. How do I get it back?

I had this. Check in Safari preferences > extensions that the check box is ticked. I have had this happen in other places too. The check boxes become unticked in Catalina sometimes. If you have a problem and it won’t take the ‘tick’ at all though. That happened to me and I had to restart in safe mode, check the box then restart normally and don’t touch it again. Don’t fiddle and try to toggle any extensions that are working either as they are likely to not turn on again. Apple support had no idea why this happens by the way. But that is their standard fix I understand.

thank you. that worked. I don’t like where it placed them on the toolbar, but there seems no way to control that. Strangely, when you go to “Customize Toolbar”, it shows them where I want them (left of Address field), but they are actually positioned on either side of the Address field.

You can’t control the initial placement of the button in Safari (that’s Safari’s control).
However, you can Command-drag the button to a different location on Safari’s toolbar.

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