Safari extension?

I upgraded to Safari 13, on Mojave.

It nuked the Devonthink clipping extension. And I can’t find one to download on the Mac App Store. Is there one?? Does it work with Safari??

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Hmmm it’s still working for me on DT3. In fact it’s the only one of my extensions that is still working :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with the upgrade to Safari 13 and I reported it yesterday in a older discussion named “Clip to Devonthink Safari extension for Mac disabled”.

Hi there,
I just upgraded to Safari 13, too. After starting Safari for the first time after the update it also said that the extension had been disabled.
What I needed to do: Safari Menu --> Preferences --> Extension --> Re-enable the DevonThink Extension that has been put there already by DT3. Job done. Hope this helps.


New Safari 13 killed most of my extensions. It only left 1password and 1blocker. In relation to DT3, I don’t mind as with DT running, if you press Shift-Cmd-C, you get the clip window directly from DT…

But other extensions I used very frequently have gone, and new extensions page from Apple Store is crap. I think it is time to say farewell to Safari and use Firefox or Chrome…

or Chrome

ugh… no. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not? They aren’t evil :money_mouth_face:

PS: Currently I’m using Firefox when Safari cannot do it (for your spirit quietness)



Maybe you are still using the old extension.

I upgraded to Safari 13 and DevonThink’s extension still works with Safari.

How do I ensure I am not using an old extension?
I have installed the shipping version of DT3 & had assumed that would mean I had the latest extension. However since installing Safari 13 the extension does not work despite my having ticked it in Safari preferences.


This works! Thank you.

If you don’t see a second extension then try to… Menu --> Preferences --> Extension --> Re-enable the DevonThink Extension.

To clarify: I don’t have any extension installed in Safari related to DT, but Shift-Cmd+C does the job if DT is running in the background.

Sadly, in my MacBook Pro it has been changed to Shift-C and now I cannot get a upercase “C”… :sweat_smile::joy::joy: I had to restart DT after set it back to Shift-Cmd-C.

Great to see that with DT3 the extension either seems to work or at least a shortcut is possible as an alternative.

But if I like to stay with DT2 for a little bit longer does somebody know a solution except for using Firefox/Chrome?

You can try installing the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet from here:

This is an Apple Issue. In line with its myopic greed, Apple took down the older free extension site and rolled Safari Extensions into a subsection of the App Store where most of them are now fee based so that Apple gets another piece of the action.Microsoft OneNote has experienced the same issue with its clipper.

Personally I recommend dumping Safari and consider switching default browser (Mac) to Chromium, Firefox, or Brave. The seem to offer better performance than Safari with possibly more privacy, more features, and all are free. I recommend Chromium over Google Chrome as it is supposed to offer more privacy and all Chrome extensions work in Chromium. Microsoft Edge just was released for Mac, also free, and uses Chromium as its core engine. Devon clippers seem to work in both Firefox and Chromium and likely Brave which has one of the highest security and privacy ratings of any Mac browser. This all said Apple Technical Support will only support Safari and Google offers no corporate tech support for any of its software products unless you are a fee based business customer. What they offer is ‘community support’ which I regard as “the blind leading the blind.”

Why it should be an Apple issue if there is non “Clip to DEVONthink” for Safari on the devontechnologies download page? Was the update done by Apple? Before updateing to DEVONthink 3.0 everything works fine, now it doesnt.

You can enable the extension of DEVONthink 3 in Safari > Preferences > Extensions. There’s no need to download or install the extension anymore, it’s part of DEVONthink 3.

Ahoi, thanks a lot!

I always tried to find under Safari-Extensions, but never went to extensions page first …

So, I’m happy …

Worked for me too, thank you!