Safari-like gestures

Please consider implementing Safari-like gestures, e.g.:
“swipe back”: two finger swipe left-to-right
“swipe forward”: two finger swipe right-to-left
“zoom”: two finger pinch
“smart zoom”: double tap

My general suggestion would also be to consider some kind of deeper integration with Safari (since it is a Mac native browser) like access to passwords via iCloud Keychain (since 3rd party password managers do not seem to support DevonAgent).

These gestures are features of OS X’s Trackpad support, configured in System Preferences > Trackpad. Over here, with DEVONthink 2.7.3 on OS X 10.9.1, all the gestures are working in DEVONthink the same way they work in Safari. That is - they are already implemented.

Does not work for me (OS X 10.9.1, DEVONThink Pro Office 2.7.3 and DEVONAgent 3.7). Did I miss some settings? I am using the gestures in Safari normally, so yes, they are configured in trackpad preferences correctly.
Screenshot 2014-02-24 11.44.44.png

Hard to say what’s going on with your configuration.

It seems to work in DevonThink if only DevonThink is installed (as it appears to be using Chrome internally, from the look of the gestrure behavirour). But did you actually try it with DevonAgent installed?

Both DEVONthink and DEVONagent use the WebKit (“the Safari engine”) of Mac OS X. Chrome uses a fork of the WebKit.

Can you suggest a way of debugging this on my machine (apart from obvious options like reinstalling, guest user and sequential closing of applications)?

Does it work using a new, clean user account?

These swipe gestures do not work for me either in DA/DT. Works fine in every other app. Also would like to get those debug instructions if you’ve got them.

I have the same issue. Swipe between pages not working in either DevonAgent or DevonThink. It is enabled in settings and works fine in other apps (safari, app store, etc).