Safari manual PDF search weirdness

This is a very minor thing but I was taking some time to learn about using Workspaces in DevonThink and I noticed that doing a search for the word “workspaces” gives no result when done while looking at the 3.8.1 Manual PDF in Safari.
It finds one instance of “workspace” (no trailing s) on Safari.
If you open the PDF in Preview it finds “workspaces” on 3 pages and “workspace” on 5 pages.
I am guessing this is some Apple/Safari weirdness but it caught me out when I did a late-on-a-Friday casual search for some new information to head into the weekend with.

BTW Workspaces is a great feature. The little bit of it I’ve researched and tried out approximates some functions of large video editing software where bins and window management can really make or break your workflow.

Interesting. I see same. Searching in PDFPen finds 16 total instances (which includes workspace and workspaces). With Apple’s Books app on the epub version, finds 16 also.

Haven’t a clue why.

Thanks for the nice words.
Workspaces are one of those quiet, unsung heroes of DEVONthink. I use a workspace every day for support and even use it when my windows get out of control, e.g, 15 or more, just to recenter and refocus myself. :slight_smile:

Workspaces almost make up for the feature I miss the most from video editing programs i.e. recallable column view settings. I would hope that would be on the to-do list somewhere but it’s not something I would quit using DT because it’s missing.