Safari to DtPro scripts

I’m having trouble with some DTPro scripts related to Safari. I don’t use them often, but this is what happens after invoking, for instance, the script called “Add visible PDF from Safari to DTPro”:
At some point the application becomes completely unresponsive:

  • all menus are gray
  • the open window is not active, in spite of the app being in front
  • there is no response to any click within the window other than a beep
  • after one minute I get the following error: DEVONthink Pro got an error: AppleEvent timed out.

I Force Quit and when the previously opened databases are launched I get an error message saying they seem to be in use, at which point I click “Continue” and then perform Verify on them. No damage.

Which of the scripts listed below no longer work? I know I’ve added a couple myself but I don’t know which they are, now. (The one I’ve had trouble with is starred **).
Add image from Safari
Add linked image from Safari to downloads
Add linked images from Safari
Add linked images to DEVONthink
Add linked images to DEVONthink’s downloads
Add links from Safari to downloads
Add links from Safari
Add links to DEVONthink
Add links to DEVONthink’s downloads
Add page from Safari
Add page to DEVONthink
Add page to DT-strip NYT friendly text
Add PDF document to DEVONthink
Add selection from Safari
Add selection to DEVONthink
Add text from Safari
Add text to DEVONthink
Add Visible PDF to DTPro from Safari **
Add web document to DEVONthink
Save Current Page to DTpro Group

Or is there a way to determine which are valid by sorting on the date the script was created or modified?


OS X (10.5.8)
DtPRo 2.0b8

Scripts process data synchronously and therefore the application isn’t responsive while downloading & rendering the webpage to create the PDF document. But in your case the webpage couldn’t be loaded before the timeout, maybe due to a slow Internet connection, a slow server or a huge page. Anyway, you could use bookmarklets instead which are asynchronous and therefore don’t block the application.