Safari Version (user agent) and DTA usability

Is there going to be an update for Agent based on Safari2 or better anytime soon? Increasingly, Agent is unusable with major research databases which dramatically undercuts its utility. For instance, Westlaw will not permit me use anything but text-only mode with DA, complaining that it is a Safari1 browser. Other similar resources exhibit fatal login and navigation problems (but don’t have a fall-back mode.)

Safari2 was released in 2006. It is now almost halfway through 2010 – Safari4 was released last year.

What gives? New and improved features would be nice, but at this point we absolutely need at least an interim update that will allow the existing feature set to function.

I read another post in one of the other DA forums, from Bill, stating that DA uses the version of WebKit installed on the system (rather than another version embedded in the app contents, I’d assume.)

I’m running SnowLeo, but as mentioned above Westlaw is still identifying DA as Safari1 (and other sites like Questia that one would expect would work w/a current Safari don’t work w DA due to login problems.) I’m not sure what the issues are with forms and cookies, but is there a way to easily correct how DA reports its user agent?

Just send me an email and I’ll send you the link to download the beta of v2.5

Just read that s. o. has the same problem like me. When this problem is solved in the 2.5 beta, then I would like to have this link mailed too. Thank you. itsmejoerg at gmail dot com