Safely pause and resume Dropbox sync?

Today I upgraded to DT 2.5.1 and I set up Dropbox sync. My initial sync is going to take a long time because I have a large database.

I don’t see an option to pause the sync. I want to make sure if it is OK to close the database and quit DT and then resume the sync later from where I left it. I am worried that it will start syncing from the beginning again.

There is a round X button next to the progress bar inside the Activity window. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resume the sync after I click it or if I will have to start the sync again from the beginning. Should I click this button or just close the database and quit DT?

Assuming I can resume the sync the next time I launch DT. Will it resume syncing automatically or do I have to resume the sync manually?

I guess my questions is, how do I safely pause and resume a Dropbox sync?

Also, what if my computer shuts down by accident (e.g. electricity cuts)? Will I be able to resume my sync or will I have to start the initial sync from the beginning? Will the sync store be damaged in this scenario? Do I need to delete the sync store before I start a new sync or is the system smart enough to take care of these things?

Edit: One more thing, can I add items to the database while it is syncing?

I ran into problems with sync.

The first sync stopped because of some file not found error. I did a Rebuild Database and tried again, but received the same error.

I’ve been meaning to submit an issue about that, but today, two days after I rebuild the database, I noticed that the Rebuild command deleted the URLs from by bookmarks!!! It appears to be random, not all bookmarks are affected. This is a BIG problem for me. I already added many new bookmarks since I ran Rebuild Database. It would take a long time to move the new bookmarks to an older backup of the database. (I can’t just move them all at once because they are in different groups.) I am very busy and don’t have time to spend on this, and every day that passes more new bookmarks get added.

Is there a way to create a search filter that will return all bookmarks that have no URL value? I want to know how many bookmarks were affected. If there are not that many, it might be easier to copy-paste the URL values from the old backup.

Sync will resume from where it left off unless it’s mid-file (say it’s 150MB into transferring a 200MB Photoshop file, then it will start that file over on resume).

On the second issue, Start a Support Ticket at our DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System. Thank you.

Thank you.

I just submitted my issue to your Support Ticket System.