Same "Indexed" database on 2 computers w/o syncing ??

Hello All,

I want to run the same database that is indexing a dropbox folder on my Desktop and a Laptop. It seems like the “Update” toolbar item along with the script I found in this forum will keep the database the same on both computers… Is there any need to sync? I’d rather not sync but if it’s needed, I will.

Jim (BlueFrog) you’re always very helpful; can I do this??

Updating indexed files would only “keep them the same” in a technical fashion, but things like color labels applied in DEVONthink would not be shared between the machines. Why would you rather not sync?

It’s just that I have found syncing a little wonky, but not horrible. I was including an iPad in the mix and that may have been the issue. I will try and sync just with the mini and the MacBook Air and see how it goes. What else would I be missing by not syncing? I really only use tagging, but I’m sure I’ll start using some more advanced features moving forward.

My perfect solution would be a hybrid between devonthink And Dropbox… files available on all machines with the linking and searching.

Thanks for the help.

Correct me if I’m wrong - but if you just create two separate databases on the two Macs and point them to a same indexed folder in Dropbox, then you’ll get the changes made on files on both Macs, but the databases remain entirely separate. Tags may sync through in some manner since Dropbox can sync the MacOS tags and DEVONthink perhaps can import the tags or write the DEVONthink tags back as MacOS tags… I forget the details of this since it’s a while I tested it. Generally if you, for instance, organize the files to different folders in DEVONthink on one Mac, it won’t reflect the folder structure back to the indexed Dropbox folder, and you won’t get the same organization on the other Mac with this method. Also, there’s no way the DEVONthink on iOS can point to the indexed folder in Dropbox, so you can’t access the files with this method on iOS.

Also, if you add a new file directly to the shared indexed folder, then it’ll get imported to the DEVONthink. However, if you add a new file in DEVONthink to this same indexed folder, it won’t go back to the Dropbox indexed folder unless you manually make the file indexed… or run some scripts each time.

And if they’re two databases, created separately, they’d never sync, regardless of their contents. Two independent databases can’t sync their contents.

Thanks for the replies… I am going to sync and just leave the iPad out for now. All is going well!