Same PDF always displays when opening DTTG 3

I noticed that after looking at a particular PDF in the 3.0.4 version of DTTG 3, now, every time I open DTTG 3, it’s always that same PDF in that one database. It doesn’t matter if I go to another database and open 10 files, do a search, or whatever…the next time I open DTTG 3, it’s still that single PDF that displays.

How to fix this issue?


Actually, DEVONthink To Go should remember the document you last visited. It saves that information when you switch from it to the launch pad.

My point was that it only shows that one PDF every time I start DTTG 3 regardless of what the “last document” was, what I last searched for, etc.

And, to @BLUEFROG 's question, yes, the same problem happens after IOS reboots.

How do I fix this?

What if you select that ‘sticky’ PDF and then deselect it by pressing the document in the list?

Personally speaking I wouldn’t mind if DTTG didn’t show that document after a certain grace period of for example 15 min.

I now deselect a document after opening to prevent other people from reading documents when I open DTTG in public spaces for example (altough under the current situation the chance of me visiting public spaces is fairly low :mask:). And yes, I know I can set a passcode in DTTG, but that doesn’t solve the issue other than that there’s a higher threshold to open DTTG and gives me time to reconsider.

Actually, preserving state is something iOS users absolutely expect, especially as iOS apps can be killed (“terminated”) by iOS at any time to free up resources for other apps. So on iOS people don’t know if an app is still running or not and just expect it to open exactly in the state they left it.


Well, this is obviously just my opinion. Undoubtedly one or more users will start complaining about any feature that you change.

I can understand the logic of DTTG and iOS of preserving the state as one might switch apps and go back to DTTG to proceed with that document. But after a while, I don’t think it’s necessary to always keep presenting the last visited document.

On the other hand, I’ve used apps that did ‘reset’ to some default after a certain period of time (grace period) and that was frustrating when the intermediate task in another app somehow exceeded that grace period.

I guess I’m still not being clear.

It does not matter what “the last document” was. Or, if I do a search and read another (“last”) document. The next time I open DTTG 3 – even after all night and the iPhone being OFF – it ALWAYS goes back to that single PDF (not the last document!) for whatever reason.

I don’t know how to get DTTG 3 to actually remember the “last document”.

It only knows one document regardless of anything I do, how long the iPhone is off, or whatever.

We can’t reproduce this issue here.

  1. Move the document to a different database.
  2. Select another document.
  3. Quit and relaunch DEVONthink To Go.

What do you see?

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Thanks @BLUEFROG ! That seemed to fix it. :slight_smile:

Not sure what happened, but it seems back to normal now.

Thank you very much.

You’re very welcome.
Definitely an odd issue. If it recurs, let us know.

Will do. Thanks again.

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Totally agree with that :slight_smile: (similar, btw. to what Drafts does)

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Sorry to chime in, but I don’t agree at all… I am very happy that DTTG implements state saving properly. Remember, there is not only a grace period (a certain, fixed time) when iOS kills apps; it also kills apps whenever it thinks the memory should be freed, which can be right after app switching. Highly annoying. Maybe you have a better device and didn’t experience this yet.

DTTG is one of the few apps who does it right!


No need to apologise for offering an alternative opinion :slight_smile:

I was advocating something more along the lines of what Drafts does, which I assume is to time-stamp the point at which the app is moved to the background by the user (I assume apps get that feedback; it’s not impossible that Drafts timestamps the last user interaction with the app, rather than the moment of being moved to the background; I have too little knowledge of iOS to do anything other than guess how it works) and to react on being brought back into the foreground (again, I assume apps get that feedback) depending on how much time has passed since the timestamp. So the implementation appears irrespective of what iOS had done with the app in the meantime.

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For your situation. And that’s fine. But I don’t think there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ here. Bear in mind that users have different needs and not everybody uses DTTG for the same purpose as you do.

Personally speaking, I don’t like apps that always display recently viewed information when I open it at a public location with people I don’t know for example. I’ve got various apps that seem to reset to some default state upon opening and that makes sense to me.

If such a setting would be an option it would fit all purposes and everybody can set the app to their liking. But apps with numerous switches and options can also be overcomplicated of course. Together with that and limited resources taken into account, the DT staff can decide whether or not they want to implement a suggestion. And that’s obviously up to them. But as a user that wouldn’t mind different behavior, it’s up to me to inform them about that. Nothing more :smiley:… whoops sorry! :mask:

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Having worked on projects where everybody used privacy filters on their screens, that’s exactly my reasoning behind not necessarily wanting my last document (you know, that one discussing options for removing pointy-haired boss) to appear when I open DTTG in a meeting whilst sitting next to Wally.