Sample automator actions broken in Leopard?

I’ve finally had some time to start playing with the automator actions included with DT… and immediately found that several of them seem to be broken in Leopard :frowning:

I guess this is because Apple changed the name (or some cases removed?) some of the Finder/Safari (etc) actions?

One I really wanted to get working was the convert URLs to web-archives action but the action to export Safari web-pages seem to be missing :frowning:
(yet another case of Apple removing a useful function for some unknow reason? Don’t get me started on iCal :imp: ).


Looks it might have been because I hadn’t launched DevonAgent…

ie Automator substituted Safari actions for DA actions and then couldn’t find the “export action”. Now that I’ve launch DA Automator shows DA actions, including the “Export Webpages”…

So I might be able to play around after all :slight_smile:


Except nothing happens with I try to run the action :frowning:
(not even an error message that I can see).

There are issues that Leopard brought to light in some actions. The next release should fix these (for both DA and DTP(O)).

My Folder actions are still crashing when using devonthink, has this been fixed already?

What crashes, Automator? Do you see anything in the Console? Does the action run inside Automator?
In any case you can send a message to with the information above and a copy of your Folder Action and we can take a look at it.


I’ll do you one better, i will make a video of it, give me a sec and I wil update this post.

Thank you but that doesn’t help us much, the information I’ve asked for is more useful. And please send it by email because I will be offline for the rest of the week. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the video I made:

Keep in Mind:

I’m running Leopard 10.5.4
I’ve tried this exact scenario on different computers using different PDF files.

I’ve just emailed the info you needed.