Save a webpage from Safari iOS8 as pdf?

Have read some posts here re. Different solutions to save a webpage as pdf and then import it to DTTG.

What is the “latest and greatest” way to do that?

Bought some apps but all of them demands that you surf inside them to be able to save the webpage you look at as a pdf.

I would like to use Apples Safari in iOS8 since I use bookmarks, passwords etc. but just want to hit print to pdf or something similar. Or a script if there are any for iOS that makes the webpage in front of me on my iPhone or iPad in to a pdf, and exports it to DTTG.

Any tips on that?

I use PDF Converter. Very good results. Includes an extension for iOS Safari.

Same here. BTW, all of the iOS PDF/document apps from Readdle are excellent.

Thanks for your answers! I did buy two Readdle apps - nice apps but I could not get them to convert a Safari page on my iPad from inside the Safari app.

All the apps I tried was the same - I had to copy and paste the URL in to the pdf creating app - except one!

QuickPDF by a company EuroSmartz.

I did communicate with the developer before buying to avoid to buy more stuff I could not use.
They offer two versions - one just for iPad and one for all iOS8 units.

I bought the one for ipad and have been trying it since yesterday and I must ay it does axatcly what I want.

  1. I surf in Safari so I can keep all my passwords, bookmarks, reading list etc.

  2. When I find a page I want to save in Devonthink - I let it download complete so all pics are loaded

  3. I choose to save to QuickPDF - either to inside that app or to any cloud service

  4. I open the file inside QuickPDF and then ask it to "open in…Other app - then pick DevonThink and it is automatically copied in to the Global Inbox.

  5. After I sync with my computer it is there too


PDF Converter is the only Readdle app that has an iOS 8 extension to work in Safari. PDF Converter also uses iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc., and can send PDFs to other apps using the ‘Open In’ functionality.

Clipped from Safari iOS 8 on my iPhone:

Great! I did buy the PDF Expert from Readdle - apparently the wrong app!

But I am happy with QuickPDF and it seems that they are doing the same thing!


I did buy the Readdle PDF-converter app.

VERY smooth since you can do the complete workflow fast.

You can also see on the blue round graph when it is converting so you then have a clue about how long time is left. That is a very good function especially if you are downloading a webpage with lets say 20 pages.

I will use this app - thanks for your answer! I like this forum. It is active and really helps.