Save and reuse general view layout


It seems to be a general concern the optimisation of the general view layout of DT3 (e.g. discussion about the missing three pane view).

I was wondering if it would be possible to find a way to save (favourite) different layouts (the ones the DT3 user utilizes the most) and have an easy way (for instance: via a menu item or shortcuts) to reset them.

For exemple:

For this specific layout view, I’d shortcut as shift+control+1:

For this one, I’d use shift+control+2:

And for this general layout, shift+control+3:

This would mean I could change my viewing preferences, but easily fallback to my favourite ones.

Do you think this (or something similar) could be implemented in the future?

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I think you can already achieve this, take a look in the menu at Go -> Workspaces -> Add.

Ah! I didn’t know that! Fantastic. :slight_smile:

Thanks, jorgeg.

I observe that workspace doesn’t retain the setting of columns to be displayed.
A suggestion is to include the columns;’ setup in workspace.

Thanks in advance

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