Save as PDF preserves links in Safari but not Chrome

Hi. As I’ve struggled to make sense of how DT works, I’ve found this problem. I prefer Chrome, but when I save as PDF, the links in the PDF stored in DT don’t work. If I use Safari to Save as PDF, the links in the resulting PDF stored in DT do work. What am I missing?

How do you exactly save the PDF and add it to DEVONthink?

Print command, then “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3.”

And which version of DEVONthink and macOS do you use? DEVONthink just imports the PDF document, it doesn’t modify it. Therefore this might be macOS and/or Chrome issue.

DT 3.7.2, Big Sur 11.6.

Just checked this, seems to be a limitation of Google Chrome indeed. One possibility is to use Safari, another one to clip the page via the Sorter in the desired format.

Thanks. At least I’m not crazy, or using a device with some unknown software conflict.