Save cookies in in-app browser

For bookmarks, I need to log into I find that I need to log in each time I open the bookmark. It’d be great to have these saved so I don’t have to keep logging in each time. Especially difficult without 1Password integration. Is the app using the Safari browser?

No, but it is using WebKit. Also, note that cookie sharing is disallowed in the modern Mac operating system. If you log into a website while in DEVONthink, it should keep a cookie for DEVONthink.

We’ll see if we can make the in-app browser remember cookies.

Cookies are preserved as long as the app is running; when it is terminated, e.g. by iOS, you may need to login again. But the next update will support 1Password.

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Is this the same for macOS? It’d be cool if there was a way to save cookies even after a quit and reopen of DT 3.6.3.

Which cookie settings do you use in Preferences > Web?

Maybe I’m using the term wrong, but I’d like to be able to stay logged in to things like Google docs, Notion links, and other accounts like that.

I’m seeing no issue remaining signed into gmail or GitHub in DEVONthink To Go.

Afaik, webkit retains cookies only for 7 days. So that might be an limit not surmountable by DTTG