Save directly to DT from Office

Hi everyone,

is there a way to directly save to a specific folder in DT from Office (or any other program)? I rely heavily on Office, and I find it a bit tedious to save a document on my desktop, then move it to Devonthink, close the document in Word, delete the document on my desktop so I don’t mix them up, and then reopen it in DT.

I’m pretty sure there is a handy workaround I missed. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Sorry - I meant to edit my earlier post, not delete it! While I appreciate this isn’t exactly what you wanted you can save from Word to the DT3 Global Inbox and could then use Smart Rules to route your saved documents to where you want them in your database(s).


Thanks! How can I save directly to my global inbox?

DEVONThink 3 > Install Add-Ons and make sure Global Inbox in Save Dialogs is checked. The Global Inbox should then appear in the Finder sidebar and be available in save dialogs.



It will appear like this in the sidebar of Finder windows and Save dialogs…


Thanks! Got it! There is no way to directly save in a specific folder, though?

No. Groups in DEVONthink do not exist in the filesystem, so there’s nowhere to save to. However, @Stephen_C is correct in his suggestion about the ability to use smart rules to file items post-import.

Here is a simple example which would detect PDFs whose Name begins with Big Bank imported into the Inbox. It would Move them to a Big Bank - Tuscon group in one of my databases.

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I like this feature, but I have tor admit that the name “Inbox” is so generic that I often forget that it’s for DevonThink. Anyway to rename this without affecting the name within DT?

No. It should be left named as it is.

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Hello Jim @BLUEFROG ,

wo kann ich eine Regel erstellen?
Ich sehe nur Regel anwenden (grau) und Regel ausführen aber nirgendwo Regel erstellen.

Danke für Deine Hilfe.

Unten in der Navigations-Seitenleiste sehen Sie eine ±Schaltfläche. Drücken Sie sie und wählen Sie Intelligente Regel erstellen.

Dies wird auch in der integrierten Hilfe > Dokumentation > Automatisierung > Intelligente Regeln und Fenster > Sidebar: Navigieren > Intelligente Regeln.


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