Save downloaded PDF to DTTG

A few times per month there’s a PDF magazine that I download on my Mac, and save to DT3. Today I downloaded an issue using Safari and attempted to save it to DTTG 3.1 (iOS 14.5.1) but it’s not working as expected. When I click the Share button and select DTTG, it wants to Clip the PDF as a URL, even when I select PDF as the option.

What’s the best way to save this PDF to DTTG?

This is dependent on the URL.
What URL are you trying?

Hey Jim.

The URL is behind a paywall, that I have to sign into, that then allows me to download the (photography) magazine.

Fujilove Magazine sign-in
Fujilove Magazine - Subscriber Area


I’m a little hung-up on what “downloaded” means in this case. If it means what I think it does, what I do with pdfs (that I can access only after entering my university authentication credentials) might be helpful.

If I have the document itself (rather than a link to it) visible in my browser window, I tap the Share button, but instead of choosing the DTTG icon, I choose “Save to Files” from the list and then save the document to DTTG’s Inbox. Could that work for you?

Yeah, that works but it’s kind of roundabout.

Whether that solution is roundabout or not depends on your workflow here, and that’s why what you meant by “downloaded” with Safari raised questions.

If, for example, you had already literally downloaded the magazine pdf, so that it was resident in the Files app on your iOS/iPadOS device, invoking the Share sheet on that file would be even more roundabout. That is, you’d download the file using the browser, find the downloaded file, and then use the Share sheet?

If, alternatively, you had logged in to the magazine site and had the link for the issue in front of you, you could long-press the link, invoke the Share sheet again, and then save the pdf directly into your DTTG Inbox or whatever other destination group you wanted. That, too, might be roundabout, though for me it would be fairly efficient.

If you clicked the link so that the PDF loaded in your browser, you’d be back to the situation I thought you were describing and based on which I made my earlier suggestion.

It might well be that there’s currently no non-“roundabout” way to do what you’re asking, but none of the proposed solutions require more than a few taps or selections. And, because you do this frequently, it might be time to think about creating a Shortcut (perhaps using DTTG’s URL scheme), that you could have appear in the Share sheet. That way, you could choose your own option and have it do exactly what you want it to do, likely with fewer taps that what you’re doing now.

Have you tried adding a bookmark to DEVONthink To Go, logging in within our app, and attempting to capture it there?