Save Label text in database

It is great that you can set the text for the labels in DT, but I’ve noticed that when I’m moving the database between my home and work computer, the label text doesn’t come with it. I think it would be a good idea to save this in the database rather than the machine specific preferences.



In the future labels will be probably specific for every database and this will solve the problem.

Hi Brenda, Christian,

in case you touch the label implementation, would you please consider an option:

( ) Use Finder labels
( ) Use database specific labels

Background: I use the same labels (text and color) in both Finder and DTPO. When I change the machine .Mac synchronizes the FInder labels and I manually synchronize the DTPO labels. With the first of the above options, the manual step would not be necessary.



.Mac should synchronize DT’s labels too as soon as this information will be part of the database package (and therefore not stored in the preferences anymore).