Save location and tab-browsing.

I am using DevonThink Office on a daily basis. It is a great piece of software.

I love the vertical split view, use it 99% of the time, because I can jump between documents without annoying “save file” pop-up window, The files are saved automatically. :slight_smile:This view works well on a wide-screen. But the problem is that I often work in between 2~3 files. Everytime I go back to the file, It took me back to page one. I have to scroll down to the page i am reading or working on. It would be nicer to have “remember location” in the preference. So I can go back to the page I was working on.

Alternative solution would be to add tabbed browsing. So people like me working on 2~3 files can simply jump between tabs. I strongly recommend DevonThink team have a look at your windows counterpart MyBase. I attached a screenshot.They implemented a nice tab-browsing.


Thank you for the suggestions, both of them will be definitely added to future releases.