Save part of webpage from selected text?

Hi all

I remember from previous capture/collector/clipper apps I’ve used in the past the nice option to mark a selected part of a page and have the capture/collector/clipper save only that portion as .md/pdf etc

I can really find anything in either the safari devonthink extension or the menubar capture icon.

that for me would be super useful. Anyone knows how to do this or perhaps created a script\workflow to achieve this?



Preferences > Sorter > Copy Selection Hotkey

Hi again and thx so much @BLUEFROG!

I dunno what im missing but cant get this to work

so I tried several key combos in Preferences > Sorter > Copy Selection Hotkey, none of them seemed to do anything:

if also copied a selection on both safari and bbedit pressed the hotkey yet nothing happens. Even when I press manually on the sorter menubar icon I don’t see the select text.

what am I missing here? Running latest devonthink 3.0.3



I’m seeing no issue with text selected in BBEdit or Safari.
I select the text, press the hotkey (using the one you show here), and the Sorter opens to the Take Note pane with the selected text.

thx again

I dunno what’s going on then :slight_smile: I tried assigning different hotkeys, restarting devonthink, closing related apps such as keyboard maestro bit nothing makes the sorter to open…
also: funny enough the other key shortcuts all work well apart from the ** Copy Selection Hotkey :slight_smile:

any other things I can try to debug this?



Then I would look for other conflicting hotkeys elsewhere.
This is also why it’s not wise to map hotkeys all over the place and/or to make sure to use more unique keys.

thx I tried 6-7 different hotkeys for “copy selection” Hotkey and none worked. Im sure some of them weren’t used by the system. Also all other options (apart from the copy selection) key work well

thx again


Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and maybe there’s something in the Console for Development to look at.

submitted thx !

how do I follow the debugging?

how do I follow the debugging?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

sorry this is coming from years in floss/linux world :slight_smile:
just got the email from you guys, I guess that’s how I follow if the issue/bug is solved :wink:

Yes, support tickets are processed in-house, in a channel private from the public forums.