"Save PDF to DEVONthink" fails

Because the Twitter API won’t be free anymore …

Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead


… (and it’s unknown how much API access will cost) I’m trying to save tweets via Safari’s print dialog.

Already restarted Safari, DEVONthink and macOS.

Save PDF to DEVONthink

  • It’s possible to save the linked TwitterDev tweet via Safari to DEVONthink
    The group selector appears, I choose a group and save.

  • It’s not possible to save any other tweet.
    Instead I get this dialog:


What’s this?

Save as PDF

Trying to use Save as PDF (instead of Save PDF to DEVONthink) I get strange results:

  • It’s possible to save the linked TwitterDev tweet (which contains a slash / in its name).

  • It’s not possible to save any other tweet that contains a slash, the Save button is greyed out. After removing the slash I can save to DEVONthink’s inbox (or any other location).

Any idea what’s going on?

Also: is it correct that records created via Save as PDF don’t have a URL?

Good question. That’s not even an error message of DEVONthink but most likely one of the system’s PDF service system. The icon is the one of the alias of DEVONthink in ~/Library/PDF Services.

Via UI Browser.app I can see that the dialog is coming from macOS process printtool. When the error occurs the console shows error -37, but I couldn’t find anything about that online, so it could be a new printtool issue. Would it help/would you be interested in a sample of printtool?

That would be more useful for Apple than for me actually. Does rebooting the computer in safe mode fix this?

Unfortunately no. Submitted a bug report to Apple. Thanks!

Are you able to use the PDF service of other apps multiple times?

Installed Bookends and it directly failed.

I case someone wants to try here’s one URL


Safari 16.3
macOS 12.6.2

An more reliable & efficient option to capture tweets might be to select just the tweet and then to use the Take Rich Note service.

I need to capture some thousand tweets, so no :slight_smile:

And using the Print dialog is faster? I’m not convinced :grinning:

It’s a Keyboard Maestro macro, running for some days now. But the whole thing is just a backup in case the API access is too expensive. So yes, if the service can be used via a macro I’ll use that for the offending URLs :slight_smile:

Should be doable as the service has a shortcut which can be also customized via the system settings.

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There’s nothing on Twitter worth archiving, @pete31 :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If one invests some time to find the people whose tweets are worth archiving then Twitter can be very useful. Took some years but now I definitely don’t want to miss my Twitter lists and DTTG to create bookmarks :slight_smile:

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