Save RSS Feed as a PDF

I use DevonThink Pro Office as my default RSS Feed Reader and it is perfectly adequate for my needs but I often want to save a Feed as a PDF so at the moment I open the feed in DevonAgent and then send it back to DTPO via the scripts men as a PDF. I was wondering if there is a way to achieve this without going into DA?

It may be worth mentioning that the reason I most often want to do this is that not only do I find PDFs much more convenient but I often want to combine PDFs that treat the same subject. The latter is easy to do with an Autonmator Action.

Many thanks for any help on this one.

You could open the feed in DEVONthink by clicking on the headline and use Data > Capture or the Action menu of the navigation bar. Another possibility is the script “Convert URLs to PDF”, see Scripts > More Scripts.

Excellent, the script is exactly what I want. Many thanks. :smiley:

Thanks Korm.