Save scroll positions?

Could DT be set up to remember your last position when viewing a document, much like Nautilus & Finder remember where you were when scrolling through folders?

That way you can go back and forward between two documents and not have to scroll back.

Or if you’re reading a lengthy document you can come back later and easily remember your place.

As a side note, if you keep supporting Panther for the next few revisions, I’ll buy you a delicious sandwich.

I second the suggestion to save scroll positions (maybe even window sizes?)



This would make a world of difference to me, too - see my post from last week (Improving Composing in DN/DT). It’s a common feature in other similar applications, and (in my view) an essential one.

Yes, I’m on this bandwagon too.

I’d like to add my voice to this request as well.


Me too!!


Is this in the pipeline then? (pretty please)


thanks for the feedback. It’s on the list of upcoming features but won’t be part of the next minor updates (DT Pro/Personal 1.0.1/1.9.5).

Can we have this in DN as well, please?

This will be added to both DT and DN.


I’d like to ask if this feature has been implemented already as I cannot seem to find where to activate it.

Thank you!



Just noticed that scroll position is indeed being saved but only when there is no search entered.

If I have a search term and hop from one PDF to another within the list of results, then I always start from the top of a document.

Would it be possible to remember the last position when browsing search results?

Thank you!


That’s intentional, in case of search results DEVONthink should jump to the first occurrence.

I see, thank you for the reply.

I there a chance that you would consider implementing an option to save document position for a current search session?


We’ll consider this if there should be a common demand.