Save to DevonThink Pro.scpt

I discovered the “Safe to Devonthink Pro.scpt” item under the PDF button in the Print window. Now, I cannot remember installing it…Is this something that is installed automatically by DTPro?
Furthermore, choosing this item during printing results in an error message “Error during printing”.
Can somebody provide some help.
OSX 10.4.4 with the script installed in my personal directory/library/PDF Services

No, this is not automatically installed but via Help > Install Add-Ons (this panel also pops up if you’re launching a new version).

If you get an error when attempting to use the script, do this:

  • In the Finder, locate the script in ~/Library/PDF Services/.

  • Double-click it to open it under Script Editor, then press Command-S to save it to the same location. Close Script Editor.

The script may be used to save to DT Pro a PDF copy of any printable document. Select Print and, in the Print panel click the PDF button and select “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt”. Select the desired location for the PDF document.

Thanks Bill.

The first time I tried to safe the script, I got the message that Safari crashed (never opened it beforehand) followed by a syntax error. Second time around I got another undefined error message. I closed script manager and reopened the script. This time Safari launched but remained open. After command-saving the script, this time I had no errors and the PDF service worked coorectly in several programs.

Is it normal that the script launches Safari? Why did the trick with resaving the script in the same location work?

I should remark that on my computer (double processor G5 1.8 MHz) under OS10.4.4, Safari is remarkably unstable, to the point of being unusable. I had that from the beginning of using OSX 10.3. The same happens on an iMac G5, same software set-up. Only on my G4 Powerbook (latest hardware version) is Safari stable. I suspect some kind of interference with another software program or utility, but have not found which one (the more so that I use the same software combination on the 3 computers).

The script doesn’t launch Safari on my machine.

I don’t have any stability problems at all with Safari under 10.4.4. I’m running a PM dual core 2.3 GHz with plenty of RAM. But DEVONagent is my default browser.

Glad the script is working for you now.

Yes, compiling the script launches Safari because the script is using Safari’s AppleScript dictionary.

My confusion. I thought you mean that Safari was launched each time the script is used.