Save website as Markdown document

When I try to save a website as a markdown document via the browser plugin in Firefox all included images failed. I would asume that they are downloaded to the group specified in the settings “Assets” in my case which is the default setting imho.

The resulting markdown document use the same link for all images ![][3] in my case. But the link at the bottom of the document is empty. In my case there is no Assets group and therefore there are no downloaded images. Even if I manually create the group in the target database, nothing is downloaded.

Here is the link to the example website I try to use

Any ideas?

In base to one of my recent messages here, perhaps you can try to capture it in Formatted Note, which embeds the images, and then into MD, that it seems it is embedding the images as well if origin is FN.

Thanks @rfog, but this is only a workaround like others. It works (often), but that’s not what I want to achieve. My goal is to have a valid .md document when I have the option to save it as markdown, othervise this function is useless. I am not willing to invest time in correcting the resulting document.

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Sometimes web sites do things to make saving their content harder than it should. Probably ask the webmasters to fix their site you so you can save as Markdown is the thing to do. Meantime, seems to save in PDF format for me using the DEVONthink Clipper.

This document is crap (being nice). They use „custom“ elements, which is a no-go. And there’s probably a lot of JavaScript heavy lifting, too.

You’re stumbling upon a „garbage in, garbage out“ situation.


We’ve checked and the mentioned link leads to a page that does not contain any content at first but loads everything dynamically via JavaScript. For the time being, our server-based declutterer does not execute all these scripts like a web browser does.

When thinking about it, executing foreign JavaScript inside a server process seems like a very mediocre idea :smiling_imp:

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