Save Word document to DevonThink

Seems like there should be a better way…

Currently if I create a document in MS Word (or open an email attachment and edit it), I save it and then drag it into DevonThink and then delete the original. Bit of trouble.

So question – is there a way to save an MS Word document directly to DevonThink without going through all this? Maybe a script/Add-On?

I know I can go to Data/New From Template/Office/Word Document and create a Word doc from there, but this doesn’t work if I’ve opened or created a file outside of DevonThink (e.g., an email attachment or workspace shared with colleagues). Speaking of this method – can I create a shortcut for the Data/New Template… menu item in DevonThink’s toolbar?


I don’t think you need a script here - why not save it in the global inbox in word? It should appear on the right side when you “save as”.

@arod has the solution-just check ‘Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’ when running the DEVONthink>Install Ad-Ons… menu and the Global Inbox will appear in the Finder Sidebar and in the save as window of all applications.

You can create your own shortcuts for templates by the naming convention. Look at the Annotations template as example in the ~Application Support>DEVONthink Pro 2>Templates.noindex folder as an example. Just make sure that the shortcut does not conflict with another function in the app with the same shortcut before renaming a template.

Why don’t I do that!!! I somehow missed that. :unamused:


Along the lines of Greg’s template suggestion, I keep a number of template .doc, .ppt, and .xls files in the Templates.noindex folder in DT application support, each with my favorite settings. So, when I need an Office document I use Data > New From Template right in the folder where the document will live, then just rename, open, edit, save right back where it came from. One stop shop.

I too have been looking for a solution to save documents, one time, instead of two!

The DATA>TEMPLATE idea is a very good one and one which I will begin to incorporate. This will save a lot of disk space and help me with organization.