Save Workspace on Start?

Is there a way to have DTPO start with my preferred workspace already set up?


In preferences, under the General tab, you can set a default database. The ‘General’ section of the Help Manual has this to say:

“You can set a default database to automatically opened when you start DEVONthink Pro Office. Use the Select button to select any DEVONthink Pro Office database or edit the path manually.
Alternatively, open your favorite database, choose File > Database Properties and check Use as default database.”

In practice, I find that if I have quit DTPO with several DBs open, re-opening will open all of these DBs with the focus on the most recently used DB.

Have window placement, width of each part of the interface saved in a ‘preferred workspace’ (similar to how ‘workspace presets’ work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) would be fantastic.