Saves from Safari Don't Save Properly

I have been getting many 0-byte files when sharing from Safari to DTTG using the clipper & clutter-free PDF for months now. If I immediately open DTTG after using the share sheet, the app is more likely to do the conversion. But recently even that doesn’t work reliably. I have to manually convert the 0-byte file to a bookmark, then convert the bookmark to a PDF within DTTG (which unfortunately doesn’t have a clutter-free option).

This 0-byte file, of what type is it?

DTTG info panel shows the kind as “Temporary Document”

What OS and version of DEVONthink To Go are you running?

iOS 16.7.4
DTTG 3.8

  • Is this consistently reproducible?
    • If so, what specific URL are you having an issue with?

We have found another issue that might be related to yours and are experimenting with a fix.

I’d like to chime in here as well. I’ve noticed that sharing from Safari to DTTG is leaving a trail of 0-byte files. I feel like the happened recently but I couldn’t tell you when I first noticed it.

If I switch to DTTG right after the share to DT action, I can find the 0 byte file and “(long press on the zero byte temporary file and select: convert to a bookmark”. From the bookmark, I can’t convert to a web archive unless I switch back to macOS.

Happy to help collect logs or try experiments.

iOS: 17.3
DTTG: 3.8.1 (17428)

Does this still happen using version 3.8.1 which was released yesterday? Or did this happen with older releases?

I noticed recently (over my winter break for sure) and it does still happen with 3.8.1.

And do you use a web archive, a (Reader) PDF or use just the default option “Automatic” for sharing? Which format for clipping do you use in the second case?

Web Archive and the normal version, not the clutter free option.

Does it work after already choosing the Web Archive option in Safari’s sharing options instead of in Clip to DEVONthink?

okay, that works.

The temporary file is a placeholder whilst DTTG is attempting to generate the web archive. If this fails it should create a bookmark, was a bookmark created for that web page?

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a fall back to just creating a bookmark. As an experiment I did this:

  1. Open DEVONtechnologies | About Us on Safari
  2. Share to DEVONthink (Clip to DEVONthink) and save as Web Archive (normal)
  3. Switch to DTTG.

(I’m storing the archive in the INBOX).

The Tempoary document for “About Us” is there however it does not automatically convert to a bookmark.

I can long press on the temporary document and convert to bookmark (which works). The temporary document still hangs around (I assume it’s in a queue to convert to the web archive…?)

If I then long click the new bookmark to convert to a web archive, that doesn’t seem to do anything.

The flow that @cgrunenberg asked about yesterday does work. If I save the page as a web archive from Safari and save that archive to DTTG, I have expected outcome of seeing the web archive in the inbox.

Please open a support ticket.

Since updating to DTTG: 3.8.1 (17428) I can no longer reproduce the incorrect behavior (on iOS 16.7.2). DTTG works as expected. Thanks for the update!

Will do, thanks!