Saving an advanced search

Hi, I’ve been using DevonThink for a few years now, but I have to say that my ability to search my database has been quite frustrating.

As an example, I want to search all of my presentations for some content X. The method I’ve hit upon is to do an advanced search with something like search all for X where filename ends in ppt or filename ends in pptx or filename ends in key. This is a lot of mousing and keystrokes.

I’ve tried saving this search but this creates a smartgroup which seems to have no way to sort its contents by the score.

Is there some easier way to do this? A way to save the advanced search so that I can avoid setting up all the filename clauses?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Searching could be easier to set up, I agree.

If you need to have new searches that are variations of prior saved searches, then perhaps duplicate the smart group and double-click the duplicate to modify parameters such as “contents matches”, etc.

Thanks for your response. I tried the method you suggest as well, but I could not find a way to sort the smartgroup by a score criteria. So I have 5k powerpoints but no indication as to which one is the best to check for my content.

Do you know of any way to turn the saved smart folder into a search with a sortable score?

Thank you again.


As noted over here: Sorting Smart Groups by Relevance, that’s “not yet possible”.