Saving database to a different location on the Mac

Hi, I’ve only just discovered that the long-standing location for my Databases, the Documents folder, is now cloud-based following OS Sierra changes. This has me caused some problems.

Is there an easy was for me to rebuild or relocate my Databases to a non-cloud linked folder on my Mac without causing major problems?


Close the databases in DEVONthink, then move the .dtBase2 files to a folder in your Home directory, like ~/Databases.

Is it possible to have it on a different harddisc, than the Home directory?

Yes indeed! However, it will obviously require the external drive to be connected to access the databases.

I’m fine with that :wink:

As on my MacPro (3 harddiscs for data, one SSD with the OS) there is a automatical backup-scenario for the data-harddiscs, I would copy the db manually to one of them.

With the “Open db”-command DT will know the new place of the db? No symlinks?

No. Just double-click the databases in the new location to open them.

Thanks, Jim

You’re welcome. :smiley: