Saving e-mail attachments directly in my DTPO inbox?

Good Morning there,

I´m getting a lot of pdfs from scientits by e-mail which I collect in my DTPO database.

Normally I save the pdf in an folder on my desktop, then when I have the time I put it in my DTPO inbox etc.

Is there the possibillity to save the attachment directly in into my inbox from Apple Mail (just the pdf not the whole e-mail)?

(I know that there exists an sript or something like that to empty the folder on a regularly basis, but that is not a solution which I prefer).

Nice day.

Well, Apple Mail and DEVONthink Pro are both scriptable. So, you could try to write a script that does this, and, e.g., add it to a rule in Mail.

Dear Eric, thanks for the hint. Why not? I´ve never wrote a script, but perhaps this will be my first try.