Saving EMail/Receipts with Formatting Intact

I’m frustrated with the mail importing due to limitations in Mac OS X for maintaining HTML formatting (according to DevonTech).

My workaround is to print the email using the Save to DevonThink script that comes with DTPO.

The only thing I prefer is being able to automatically be prompted for the document title, since often the title is generic like “Mail - John Doe” and not the document title I want.

Does anyone know how to modify the script to prompt for a document title or has it been done?

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The email archive routine uses Apple code to convert an HTML message to rich text. The appearance of such conversions has been improved several times in OS X upgrades, and most of my email captures are very readable, and have the advantage that hyperlinks still work and attachments are carried over. However, some HTML layouts are difficult to render and especially those that have text boxes may be unreadable. Tip: Select All, copy to the clipboard and paste this into a new plain text document (either DT or TextEdit). Now the text is readable.

The name of the message in this capture mode is the Subject line.

When printing to PDF (which preserves the layout of the original message but loses hyperlinks and attachments) the name of the new document can be changed by selecting existing text, e.g. the Subject line and using the contextual menu option Set Title As… Alternatively, the Name can be changed by clicking in the Name field of the view, or by changing it in the document’s Info panel.

As I usually archive a number of messages at a time, I prefer changing any titles afterwards, rather than having to set each title using a pause and entry routine in a script.

Just open the “~/Library/PDF Services/Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” script and replace…

					set this_name to the name of window 1
				on error
					set this_name to ""
				end try


set this_name to ""
end try

…and save the script.