Saving files from another app to Devonthink database

Hi there, I’m quite new to Devonthink and my question is probably quite basic ! I am a handweaver and do my designing in an app called Proweave. I have a database in DT called weaving and have stored all my weaving files in there and that works well. However, when I create a new .wrk file in Proweave I cant find out how to save as to the weaving database. It does save it to a file that I don’t recognise and can not find !! It is just a folder called D
Anyway, I’d really appreciate some help on this I don’t want to go back to saving all my weaving stuff in icloud. Many thanks Dorothy

Welcome here in this nice place :slight_smile:

In DEVONthink - if you have not already done so - select Install Add-Ons from the DEVONthink 3 menu. Select to install *Global Inbox in Save Dialogs".

Now when you select to save a file in Proweave, select Inbox from the left hand pane of the save dialog (see below) as the location to save to. The file will be saved to the global inbox in DEVONthink.

You could - if you wanted - then set up a smart rule which moves all Proweave files from the inbox to your weaving database automatically.

If that doesn’t work for you, please report back.

Do not save files directly into the database file unless you are saving back a file (by clicking Save) which you opened directly from DEVONthink using Open with; files saved directly into the database file (it sounds as if that might be what you are doing when saving to a folder (which happens to be) called D) will not be seen by DEVONthink and could corrupt your database leading to data loss.


I’m wondering first off WHY you want to store a proprietary file like that inside DEVONthink. What problem does this fix for you?

DEVONthink probably (surely?) does not have a viewer for this file. Any reason not to simply put it, say, in ~/documents/Proweave/ with some sort of folder structure there should you want? If you really need it referred to in DEVONthink, then index the folder holding these files.

You need to pay attention to where Proweave is putting the files. The standard OS file/save dialog box has a way to open up the folder structure so you can tell where it’s going, or redirect to where YOU want it (see suggestion above).

If you must put the saved file in DEVONthink, one way which puts you in control is if from Proweave you save it anyway, say Desktop. Then import into DEVONthink. Then in DEVONthink use the “open with” Proweave command on the file. But I’m struggling with understanding why you would do this. DEVONthink best for dealing with documents you read.

It seems like you’re accessing DT’s back-end database
Best practice is to use DT’s front-end UI to access the file

As per @Blanc, I recommend a two step filing process
Save to the global inbox, then move to your weaving database


I could imagine numerous reasons for wanting to put those files in DT, starting from the ease with which I could back them up in one go together will all my other data to annotating them for future reference (“3D-weaved model of the Eifel Tower for James’ 3rd Birthday; remember to use yellow garn for the elevator lighting”). I agree, however, that indexing the files might be the better option if the intention is only to be able to annotate and find them.
Dorothy wrote that she is quite new to DEVONthink, and I could well imagine that she might not yet have looked into indexing. I feel indexing is something which requires the user understand in some detail before implementing (although it is, of course, nicely explained in the handbook).


I can imagine you can think of lots of reasons! :wink:

But as Dorothy is a new user I felt it necessary that she understand why she is doing something before doing…. Just my way of teaching, I guess.

And yes, the Global Inbox with Smart Rules is an excellent way. That’s why my suggestion was “one way”. But it’s not a beginner way, IMHO.

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I almost feel the need to apologise :see_no_evil:

I actually think your question “what problem does this fix for you?” is very valuable - not just in this circumstance. At work, I don’t think I do anything without an answer to that question available. But outside of work I feel “dunno, I just wanted to” can be a fair response :wink:

I certainly use DT to file documents I can’t read - take this exhausted horse/tortoise/thing as an example.

But going back to @Dorothy (and I’m amazed that handle wasn’t already taken): DEVONthink is stunningly flexible; this thread shows you two typical approaches for getting data into DT (that is via the Inbox in finder as per my post) or by saving it elsewhere and importing e.g. by drag&drop. @rmschne’s suggestion is a little different, namely indexing - that is storing files outside of DT but with a reference to them in DT; indexing is explained in more detail in the handbook. Both are valid approaches; if you want more on that, please ask and possibly provide more details on what you are doing. Else just come back here with any more questions you have. Enjoy weaving into DEVONthink :slight_smile:


Wow ! Many thanks for such swift replies !
I had done the add-on thing and already have an in-box in Finder. The message in my log though said the file name wasn’t recognised and it didn’t save it there. Can I somehow change that ?
My reason for using DT for this purpose is partly because I like things all in one place but also it gives me the chance to annotate the file which is easier in DT than on Pro-weave.
I haven’t as yet embraced the indexing concept !! Need to read up on that. Hope you will be impressed to know I have mastered smart rules and automatically file all my receipts etc. I was a hazel user so had a head start !
Thank you so much for your help. Dorothy


Interestingly my file has suddenly appeared in my in-box within DT ! Not sure how it got there but perhaps ours is not to reason why !!! Dorothy

With due respect, I think you should work through how the file got there so as to avoid file loss in future (which isn’t fun).

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Yes, I will, I was just joking !

If that recurs, please post the message verbatim.

Great :+1:t2: So on the best way to harnessing the power of DEVONthink :smirk:

In case you haven’t yet, please consider whether you have a backup strategy suited to the value of your data. Amongst other sources, there is a thread on the topic here.


Thanks @Blanc I’m using Time Machine at the moment to an external disk. Will add in another back up very shortly !
This is a copy of my log

I have DT to go on my iphone and ipad syncing through Bonjour but it doesn’t always work ! I guess that is what the other error messages are about.

To my knowledge (@BLUEFROG can you confirm?) the unknown format error shown in your log is for information only and should not inhibit import of the file.

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If that’s the case it must have eventually come through to my DT inbox I didn’t go back and look in the finder inbox after I got that message ! @rmschne will be pleased I’ve found the answer.

I’m not sure whether you need any of my advice - you may only just have started using DT, but there’s a good bit of tech savvy already there, isn’t there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No matter how tech savvy we are some new advice is always very welcome. If you look at my profile you will see I’ve been around a while ! Started with a Commodore 64 so that dates me !! This is such a helpful group so I may have more questions as I get into this !!


Me too! With a tape drive! I haven’t been dated yet, but C14 dating may be required :crazy_face:

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Oh that’s funny ! We bought our first 64 in Florida but when we got it back to Scotland it wouldn’t work on the TV !! We had to buy another one here so in all it cost us quite a bit !

PAL vs NTSC IIRC :roll_eyes: That must have been one giant painful leap towards becoming tech savvy - those things were seriously dear in the day.

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