Saving Mail Messages to Database

This may have been addressed on other threads, but not sure. I can’t seem to save specific Apple Mail messages to Devonthink Pro Office 2 databases. I get save window from file menu, hit save, but nothing happens. I’m also having trouble saving messages onto my desktop in rich text and am wondering if the two issues are related. Apparently this has happened to those of us who have installed Safari 4 beta. Any suggestions?

You can either:

  1. Drag a message from Mail into DT2/Sorter
  2. Drag multiple messages to the Sorter
  3. Use the Mail plugin’s Mailbox and Message menu items
  4. Use the DT2 File > Import > Email menu

If you want to access the converted RTF file, use the Text View button or the Data > Convert > to Rich text menu.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sold yet on the sorter (that takes care of suggestions 1 and 2). As for Mail plug-in, that’s what doesn’t work. It simply will not save a selected message. Finally, using import from a database file is way too slow and cumbersome. At this point, since the Mail plug-ins don’t work, I’ve been saving messages as PDFs onto my desktop and then dragging them to databases.

By the way point 1 meant that you can drag it directly into DT2 OR the Sorter.
That problem for suggestion 3 wasn’t clear from your posting. What happens if you open the Console (you can find it in Applications > Utilities). Are there any messages logged from Mail or DEVONthink that are flagged as an “ERROR” or “WARNING”?

Point taken about dragging mail into DT2. That works. I opened up console and noted no error messages.

In that case, if you open the History tool, do you see that you have new documents after you used the menu items in Mail?

What I see in the history tool are items I dragged into databases from desktop. In other words, I dragged messages to desktop and then from there to databases. None of these items were saved from menu.

Well, you have a mighty interesting problem. If there is no error message and there is no content then it’s strange.
What happens if you enable the “Select group” in the Destination of the Import preference pane and then use the menu item in Mail?

I found a thread somewhere where other users related this to Safari 4 beta. I don’t install Apple beta software on my machine so I can’t verify. Although I don’t see how this affects the transfer of messages from Mail, but with Apple you never know.

Yes, I did install Safari 4 beta, which I mentioned in my original post, and also the thread you alluded to.

I had trouble figuring out how to save emails but finally found a very convenient way to copy one or more emails to Devonthink. I select the message(s), then hit control-option-command-m, which pulls up the comprehensive DT Pro Office “finder” window and I can choose a destination anywhere in my files. (I’m running 10.10.5)

Do note that window only shows up if you have DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination to Select Group.