Saving Reddit posts/threads in case they're deleted?

Hi all,

So I am starting to get into DevonThink. One of my possible use cases is as follows. I love to use Reddit and save posts and comments. That said to my understanding Reddit only saves x amount of posts/comments. I figured archiving some in DevonThink that I find useful would be worthwhile.

I’m in between using “web archive”, bookmark, or Markdown in Devonthink. Even maybe PDF. For threads I’m thinking PDF to see the context. Should I clip as Markdown unless it’s a whole thread and clip as PDF? Curious what others are doing in similar situations.

Unless I’m just interested in text and not styling or images, I save web content as web archive and occasionally convert those to PDF. Be aware that web archives can still get refreshed, so if the original content gets removed from the site your archived data might get hosed to some degree. (Although I’ve never tested that scenario.) PDF is pretty stable for long term storage.

Thanks so much, I’ll either do a web archive or PDF depending on what it is.