Saving Search Result To A Specific DEVONthink Group

So I have a DEVONagent search result open in the browser and I want to save it in a specific group in DEVONthink. But the options found under Add to DEVONthink only pertain to the type of file I want to save; there is no way to direct said file to a specific group, so the saved data is saved in the left-hand frame of the DEVONthink window and I have to manually move it to the correct group.

This is rather unwieldy when adding more than a few results. Is there any way that I can add a result directly to a specified DEVONthink group?

A related question: If I want to preserve a Web page exactly as it is at the time it is saved with all the text and images I assume that a Web archive is the best choice. Is that correct?

Yes, web archive is the file format of choice here. And you could use an AppleScript for saving the results to a specific group.

Thank you. I’ll read the instructions on how to utilize AppleScript.