Saving TikTok Videos

I have become quite addicted to TikTok videos with Excel, Cooking, Cleaning tips. The TikTok interface doesn’t allow for any organization so I’m saving the ones that are interesting to DEVONThink. I have a group with subgroups for these videos. I do, however, have to make at least three clicks to get to the DEVONThink share sheet within the app. Can anyone help with finding a more efficient way to do this?

DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go?

Great question. I’m processing them on DTTG (because the TikTok app works best there) but sync to a MBP (2020) and an iPad.
I was saving the ones Iiked to OmniFocus but that’s another layer.

Sharing in iOS always requires a certain amount of interaction. Even if you had a custom Shortcut, you’d still need to tap at least twice.

It’s def a minor issue. . I just wish I could get DTTG higher in the hierarchy.