Saving web pages in PDF format

Does anyone have any experience in storing web pages in PDF format (One Page) in DTPO? I tried sometimes to save in this format but it seems that Acrobat has difficulty managing a long pdf file of a single page… many times it displays the message “The dimensions of this page are out-of-range. might be truncated”.

Other times if instead of using “One page” I use “Paginated” the result in DTOP is a pdf file of several pages all white…


  • Marco.

That’s an issue of Acrobat.

Which URL did you clip? Does a restart of the application and/or computer fix it?

Thanks for your reply Christian,
the url is this:

restarting don’t resolve the issue.

Note: the “use auto clutter free” option is not checked.

  • Marco.

I was able to capture this page successfully. Which version of macOS and of DEVONthink do you use? And how fast is your Internet connection?

Mac OS 10.12.6, DTPO 2.9.17, Internet connection: Download 81.17 Mbps, Upload 73.61 Mbps.

I use the DT addon on Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181)

  • Marco.

A little update: if I do “reveal in finder” of the pdf (multipage) captured and try to open it with Acrobat, it can be seen without problems. It is within DTPO that is not displayed. Even if I try to copy the captured PDF to the Finder desktop and then try to open it with DTOP, even in this case it is displayed with blank pages…

  • Marco.

That’s a known glitch of Sierra’s PDFkit framework. You could either upgrade to High Sierra (recommended) or enable a workaround (see hidden preference “EnablePDFDrawing” in appendix of help)

Thanks Christian!