Saving Werbpages With Sorter

Hi all!
I would like to know how Sorter saves webpages. Is the page saved when you drop a link into Sorter or does it just save the link? If it just saves the link, I would like to know if it’s possible to set it to archive the entire page. Thanks in advance!

Instead of using sorter, give bookmarklets a try:

You can get text snippets, archives or PDF of pages, etc.

ore use the shortcut: cmd-%, that saves a webarchive.
Important: before you use the shortcut, you have to highlight the whole pager with cmd-a.
With the sorter you can only save the link, when you drag the link into it, I think.

You don’t mention why you want to use the Sorter, so here are a couple of options that may help depending on your workflow. In my experience, the bookmarklets and/or options in the Services menu are the better options to capture data into DT when DT is already opened or if you want DT to open with the captured data. If you want to use the Sorter because DT is not open and you don’t want it to open, you can save a Web archive to the Sorter’s Global Inbox by putting the Inbox in the Finder’s Sidebar and do a Save As… from you browser to capture the current page.

There is no option, at least none that I am aware of, to save a Web archive to any other group in the Sorter. One could always save the Web archive to the Desktop, Command-O to bring up the open window, and instead of opening the file, drag it from the open window to a specific group in the Sorter. It works, but I would expect that the other methods mentioned would be much more efficient.