Scan directly to iPad, other mobile device

ScanSnap’s ScanSnap Manager Software (see version 3.2) has an interesting feature to scan from the scanner directly to a mobile device. For example, to set this up on an iPad, get the (free) ScanSnap Connect software from the App Store. Launch the ScanSnap Mobile app on the desktop - this app is included with the ScanSnap Manager, and configure a password for your machine. Finally, configure a “Scan to iPad” profile in ScanSnap Manager.

From that point, launch ScanSnap Connect on the iPad, select your Scan to iPad profile on the desktop, and scan away. The scans are queued until you log into ScanSnap Connect on the iPad, so you can do a stack of scans and then transfer them all to the iPad as a batch of individual PDFs. Once on the iPad, the usual “Open In” feature is available, so you can transfer to DTTG or anything else. If you need OCR, then configure ScanSnap manager to use the included version of AABBY and OCR will be performed before the PDF is transferred to ScanSnap Connect.

A very useful case for this is when you’re heading out from the office and want to read and annotate a stack of reports. Saves the initial steps of adding scans to DEVONthink, syncing DTTG, etc. You can put the documents you want to keep into DTTG while working on the iPad and sync them down to the desktop when you’re ready.