Scan Grabbing Focus

Is it possible to prevent the completed scans from ScanSnap Manager from grabbing focus? This is really jarring when typing in another app while scanning.

Hey, eecue:

Do you mean that the DEVONthink window comes forward? I don’t have a ScanSnap but often when a window is minimized to the Dock (as opposed to hiding the window), you won’t lose focus. Does that help?


eecue, I suggest working your way through the workflow I propose in my posts in the thread “Always OCR?”

It’s ten days since I did my last scan, but as far as I can remember one of the advantages of that workflow is that you can get on with other work without losing focus (unless of course you suffer a paper jam).

That assumes of course that you’re using DTPO, that you can do your OCR-ing with it rather than via ScanSnap Manager and that you don’t want to intervene to rename your scanned documents at that point.

Alternatively if you only have DTP, you could postpone your OCR-ing with the ScanSnap’s Abby software in order to do it later in a batch ( quite possible as far as I can remember, but it would require setting this up in the Abby application as well as in ScanSnap Manager).

Yeah minimizing doesn’t help, as it pops up the Activity window which can’t be minimized (wonder if that can be disabled). Also changing my workflow isn’t really a solution. I scan stuff all the time throughout the day and need to be able to continue working in other apps during that time.

Just hit Command-Tab (Exposé) to return to the previous application. The prior application will already be selected.

Right I know how to switch back to the application I’m in, but that doesn’t fix the problem of my typing being interrupted.