Scan into selected folder rather than selecting

It seems that DTPO 1 allowed me to select a folder, hit the scan button on my ScanSnap and then file the document into the selected folder. I cannot seem to get it to duplicate this in DTPO 2. I get a pop up box instead and then I have to find the folder I had already selected.

To be honest I find this annoying. For some of my databases I will NEVER use auto classify technology, for instance the one where I store all my financial stuff.

I read the manual and could not find the proper setting, I tried a search of the forum and either cannot hit on the correct search terms or some other reason so I apologize if this has been dealt with already.

I love the new version, multiple databases open is fabulous.

Thanks for your time.


This is a philosophical change in the behaviour of the application between version 1 and 2. In version 2 everything that is sent from an external application will go to the destination specified in the Import > Destination preference. If it is imported/created from within the application, it will go to the currently selected group.

OK then. I bow to your almighty-ness. However, I would not mind being able to choose for myself someday.

Well, with some scripting savvy or using Automator you could tailor everything to your liking by creating a droplet… :wink:

Yes. Some day I have to acquire some savvyness. But until then I will be happy to use it as it is, I was just saying. Now I will figure out Agent and my life may be complete.