Scan more then one multipage documents at once

Is there a working solution known to scan several documents with 1 or more pages at once and have them split in one pdf per document?
I use SnapScan iX 1600 and the corresponding software SnapScan Home. It works if I scan each document (1 to several pages) at once but I don‘t know how to handle several documents at once.

If this is not possible right now, my idea is to use a full colored black (or other color) page to split pages to be scanned as one PDF document. The point will be if either SnapScan Home or later Devonthink is able to recognize the full color pages as commend to split the pages to corresponding one or multi page documents.

Any idea for this scenario as I have to scan several documents (~ 10+) at once.

Thank you for feedback and suggestions how others solved this scenario.

Kind regards

Welcome @thotha

This is covered in the Help > Tutorials > Scan Paper Documents.

I use Exactscan to solve this with barcodes on each doc