Scan Pictures (jpeg) to Devonthink pro office

I want to scan pictures (jpeg) to my DVPO.

My ScanSnap Managers Settings…

Quick menu: off
App: dvp
Save: to pictures folder
Scanning: excellent-color-simplex scan
File Capture: jpeg
Paper: auto
Compression: 1

Why when I scan a picture does it save the picture as a PDF in DVPO?

Because you have told ScanSnap Manager to send output to DEVONthink Pro Office, which triggers production of a PDF.

If you wish to send JPEGs to DEVONthink that will be saved to a database as JPEG, create a different profile in ScanSnap Manager and don’t specify a destination app. In the Save tab, choose “Inbox”. Your JPEG scanner output will be saved in the database in that file type.