Scan preview & Canon LiDE 200

Hey there,

I recently bougth the Office Pro Version of DevonThink - I’ll archive all my bills and such these papers with it. As I don’t have a lot of paper a day/week I’ll do this my Canon LiDE 200 scanner.

Under Mac OSX 10.6.2 it works perfecly - I can scan and import with DevonThink - only the Scan preview with DevonThink doesn’t work. After the preview scan, I only see a gray page. When I set the markes over the gray page, it scans the page without any problems.

Now two questions:

  1. Does anyone know this problem with the broken preview? There are no additional drivers for the scanner for Mac OSX.
  2. Can I disable the preview? I just want to scan the whole page…


  1. same problem here. Lide 200 + DTPO just won’t play, although everything works fine in preview. Already considering to try VueScan instead…

I assume that the Lide 200 is just a Lide 100 with higher resolution. So this thread might give you some answers:

Short Version:

  1. You can use Image Capture to scan and send a file directly to DTP (even using the scanner buttons).
  2. Scanning via Image Capture from within DTP is broken (and not much can be done about this on the Devon side)
  3. Scanning from within DTP via ExactScan will work when the new version of the plugIn is available (unfortunately it did not make it into pb8)


Comment: I’ve got a CanoScan LIDE 500F, which I’ve had for several years.

When I upgraded to Snow Leopard I found that the scanner wasn’t working with the driver included in Snow Leopard. I’m now running 10.6.2.

I went to Canon’s Web site and located the information for my scanner model. Canon had released a new driver in September, 2009 which was said to be compatible with Snow Leopard. I downloaded and installed the new driver.

Result: My CanoScan LIDE 500F works perfectly with both ExactScan Capture (which I prefer) and with Image Capture.

Suggestion: I checked and Canon released a driver for the LIDE 200 in September, 2009. My guess is that if you download and install this driver you will be up and running under OS X 10.6.2.

@Bill, thank you for the tip with the driver update: At least with Exact Scan, my Lide 200 now works. However, the import option with image capture from within DT is still broken, although the scanner continues to work fine in the stand-alone image capture app. But still, I am glad I can at least scan…